We live in an increasingly dangerous world.  Every day, we hear about more criminals on the street, illegal aliens sneaking into our country and now we are importing terrorists from war torn countries with no effective vetting process in place.  These threats are deadly and you need to prepare to win.

At Spartan Tactical, we teach you to fight with a weapon and to come home alive. Whether you're a professional soldier, a skilled law enforcement officer or just an everyday sheep dog keeping an eye out for wolves, we've got your training courses ready. From CQB and pistol courses to long range precision rifle and aerial gunnery, we've got it all.

See how former Delta operator Jim Smith and his staff of instructors take your skill set to the next level and teach you what it takes to prevail. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to train with the Spartan. As we're fond of saying, "Train hard. Bleed less".

Training with Spartan Tactical

Military / LEO / Civilian courses

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