Since 2009, Spartan Tactical has provided combat marksmanship training at all levels to Soldiers of the 36th Infantry Division of the Texas Army National Guard as part of a training package prior to deployment to either of the combat theaters. In that time thousands of Soldiers have been trained to remarkably high levels of proficiency. The program has been so dramatically successful it is now being expanded outside the Division, to all Soldiers and Airmen in the State. Jim Smith’s proven combat marksmanship techniques, combined with his intuitive, direct teaching style, allow rapid progress that dramatically enhances a Soldier’s abilities and the unit’s effectiveness at the same time. Anyone or any organization that seriously seeks the next level of focused, effective combat marksmanship training should contact Spartan Tactical immediately.
Jim, I attended your training in Grants Pass, Oregon. (...) I was involved in a shooting with a male subject. Thanks to your training four of us went home to our families that night however, the male subject did not and will not be going home to his family. I thank you and my family thanks you for the excellent training you provided. Thank you and God Bless,
Jim, Thanks for the wonderful course. Your focus on marksmanship fundamentals, safety, economy of movement, and clear demonstrations anchored the course and you ensured they were continually reinforced. I experienced my first night squad live fire, learned how to efficiently transition from carbine to pistol and back, became comfortable shooting from strange positions, made 700m+ high angle shots, hit targets at 900m and increased my shooting confidence exponentially. A special shout out to Brook, Noel and that cheap bastard Chris. Their patient tutelage and unfettered exuberance kept us going during some long hot days. Hope to see you down range as conditions on the ground permit.
Thank you Jim and to all the instructors for teaching us to be more lethal and upping our survivalability. It was an excellent course and one that I fully recommend to anybody who gets the opportunity. On behalf of all the guys from 3/144 IN, HOOAH!! And look forward to seeing pics of our guys in Afghanistan sporting the Spartan Tactical hats. Thanks alot guys and I'll see you when we get back stateside.
Jim, I want to say again "Thank You" to you and your professional instructors for the outstanding combat carbine training you provided to the Soldiers of (our unit) as we continue to train for our upcoming mobilization. I cannot say enough of the confidence you instilled into the soldiers who were able to receive this instruction... I feel safer knowing that I have highly trained carbine shooters who will engage and take down targets down range. I look forward to working with you and your instrutors again upon our return from our mobilization.
Jim, I would like to thank you and your crew for teaching the members of our team skills that will help us to be more proficient and confident in our upcoming mission to Afghanistan. You guys are top notch!
As part of our deployment training for an SFAT mission to Afghanistan, t TXARNG sent us to advanced carbine marksmanship with Spartan Tactical. I cannot say enough about the challenging but incredible training that we received. I am more competent in quickly engaging targets, have improved my accuracy and have a better understanding of small unit tactics in conducting mounted and dismounted live fire execution. I used to worry about hitting 300m targets at our annual weapons qualification. That is now a starting point. "Targets coming up; Knock 'em down!"
Fort Hood MTT - Mr. Smith, I was lucky enough to attend your course when you came to Ft. Hood. I wanted to let you know that I took everything you taught us and have passed it along to all of my soldiers at my present and past duty stations. That was the best week I have ever spent in the military and I will never forget it. I still have the LaRue hat I won during the competition. Thank you for spending the time.
Jim, Hope that this finds you doing well. I wanted to send you an update since the last time we talked; I was heading off to DrillSgt school and wanted to send you some feedback on how they are integrating the your CATC principles into training. At Ft Jackson, they are fully integrated in the BRM curriculum now, they call it Combat Assault Rifle Course, all DS candidates get a 10 day course that exactly mirrors your course. Here at Ft Benning, it is also the standard now. Currently our BDE Commander is having a study by the Army Research Institute to validate it and the new Combat Qual course, but it is looking good. We spend 13 days on BRM and ARM teaching the "new" techniques from your course. This is only my first cycle, but when we got to qual day, we had a 95% first time go rate for basic trainees! I was pretty impressed. Almost all DS have been either trained in your CATC through DS school or taking a course here at Benning and the chain of command is very supportive of the training methodology; seems it has gotten integrated here quicker than in units like the 82d, so most Soldiers are now showing up to units trained from day one of BRM in the 200m zero, 5 shot grouping, and other common sense techniques. Sorry it took so long to get you some feedback, I wanted to get through a cycle here and see how it was runnng before writing to you. I also got picked up on the last E8 board so hopefully I will be pinning by the end of the year and either getting a company here on Sand Hill, or getting sent over on a MITT team. Let me know if there is anything else I can let you know from here, and if you ever are in the area, give a call or drop a line. Talk to you later,
Sir, I took a course with you last summer at the Austin PD academy and had a great time. I learned a lot in a very short period of time and look forward to the opportunity to train with you again one day. That’s if my Ops tempo ever slows up and I can take leave. Currently in the sandbox. Thanks,