Military Advanced Combat Skills – Predeployment Course
Spartan Tactical will provide a five-day training course covering Advanced Combat Skills. This course will cover all aspects of current tactical urban operations or mountainous operations. This course is designed to teach units leaders to become proficient in several different skills while operating in an Urban Environment. This is a legacy program that will increase the knowledge and proficiency of your unit’s patrols and will be with the brigade for many years to come. The course will consist of range classes followed by demonstrations, training and practice on many subjects. Some of the subjects will include rigging of individual & squad equipment/ weapons, basic & advanced weapon skills, rigging of vehicles, immediate action drills for various possible threats, CQB (room to room combat) in an urban environment and range training drills to assist these skills. We will cover night tactical operations in detail to include several night fire operations using lasers and NVD’s. Also covered will be manipulation of the battle space and small kill team operations. Many complex, stressful and challenging exercises will be conducted and evaluated. During the course the soldiers will be exposed to new state of the art equipment and techniques. Upon competition each unit’s survivability and combat lethality will be greatly increased. Spartan Tactical’s subject matter experts will assist any units’ pre-combat training. *Price on request.

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